Our Mission


Photo by Jon Parmentier

Your generous support continues to help protect and restore redwood forests and to connect people with their peace and beauty.

Protecting redwood forests is harder and more complex today. It takes a community of caretakers like you to protect redwood forests. But detachment from nature is a trend among youths nationwide. Of Americans ages 6 and older, less than half participate in outdoor recreation, citing a lack of interest. That’s why it’s a League priority to connect more people with redwoods parks. The more people we introduce to these places, the healthier our communities will be, and the more likely they will protect our magical forests today and for generations to come.

Meanwhile, we continue to work on protecting redwood forests from threats such as development, global warming and damage from logging so that you and future generations can enjoy them.

The League is the only organization with the type of comprehensive approach needed to ensure that forests that take thousands of years to grow will be here for another thousand years and longer.


  • Connect people to support the work needed to save these magical places forever.
  • Protect forests and land by purchasing redwood forests and the surrounding lands and waterways needed to nurture them.
  • Restore logged and surrounding lands that already protected redwoods need to thrive.