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Allegretti Family: The League ‘Gets Results’

Marcia and Jim Allegretti have been League members since 1987. They named Save the Redwoods League in a bequest through their living trust. Photo by Julie Martin

Longtime League members Jim and Marcia Allegretti want to protect redwoods after they pass on, so they named Save the Redwoods League in a bequest through their living trust. It's a step Marcia couldn’t have foreseen when she met Jim in college at San Francisco State University more than 40 years ago.

"My family did not do outdoor things,” Marcia said. “Until I met him, I never did anything outdoors. But his family did a lot."

Like Jim, Marcia is a lifelong San Franciscan. But she didn’t see a big redwood until she was in college. She recalled the experience—her first camping trip with Jim to the Russian River area.

"I knew nothing about camping," Marcia said. "When he came to pick me up, I had a big suitcase, a little suitcase and my beehive hairdryer, until Jim said to me, 'Where are you going to plug it in?'"

"The redwoods showed me the outdoors in a way I’d never seen before," Marcia said. "I was just awestruck when I saw how big they are and how beautiful they are."

Jim owned a copy shop that printed mailings and newsletters for the League. He liked what he read, so he became a member in 1987. The couple has supported Save the Redwoods League ever since. So it made sense for them to name the League in their estate plan.

"We don’t have children," Marcia said, "so a lot of our money is going to organizations that we care about." Jim said, "What the League does and the way they do it really rings a bell for us. They get results."

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