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My Vision For the Redwoods

Candace WalkerBy Save the Redwoods Legacy supporter Candace Walker

I believe that all of us need places like the redwood forest. We need a place to go that's quiet and where we can be at peace. The redwood forest is the perfect spot.

One of my ties to the redwoods is my great-great-uncle who was one of the founders of the first groves on the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt Redwoods State Park. He inspired my mother to continue supporting Save the Redwoods League all through her life. Now she's passed away, and supporting the redwoods is something that I like to do in memory of them, in honor of them.

For the next 100 years, what I would hope is that the current redwood forests are thriving. I hope that in 100 years those trees are 100 years taller and wider. It gives me such pride to know that my future legacy gift will play a small part in that.

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