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Centennial Celebration: The Impact of 100

Peggy Light

Peggy Light with League President and CEO Sam Hodder

An individual redwood tree stirs the imagination. Standing beside the grandeur of a single ancient giant reminds us of the raw power and beauty of nature. When encountered together in a forest, these remarkable trees are like a masterful work of art that envelopes an entire ecosystem.

It is with the power of many in mind that Save the Redwoods League set a bold goal in our Centennial year of 2018. We asked 100 supporters to raise their hand and designate a legacy gift to the League. Their pledge, made through a gift in their will, trust, or retirement plan, represents a commitment to protect the forests beyond one's lifetime. It's a promise to preserve the formative redwoods experience for the next generation of visitors.

As added inspiration for their commitment, League Board member Peggy Light offered to pay forward $100,000 of her own legacy gift to match each new pledge with an outright gift of $1,000. The League is pleased to announce our success in exceeding our goal! By the end of 2018, 105 dedicated supporters had come forward, securing their spot in our Redwood Legacy Circle, and creating a foundation for the next 100 years of redwood forest conservation. These supporters will forever be known as The Centennial 100.

And now, after exceeding our goal, Light has thoughtfully increased her gift to $105,000 to match everyone who raised a hand in 2018 with a $1,000 contribution.

"This achievement strikes a personal chord with me, as my own connection to the organization goes back to its humble beginnings," Light said. "My grandfather, A.E. Connick, was one of the founding members and a past president of the League, and his passion for preserving these magnificent giants had inspired my own dedication to the League. I am elated to know that we are now poised to continue this work for another century to come."

We are exceedingly grateful for Light's generous gift, which inspired so many to create a legacy gift of their own. Light and The Centennial 100—or rather 105—have laid the groundwork necessary to continue another hundred years of redwood forest protection. It is a prosperous beginning to our second Centennial, and the start of an important new chapter celebrating the collective power of the redwoods.

Why I Participated

"We chose to leave a legacy gift to the Save the Redwoods League because redwood trees have always had a deep, personal meaning to us. Our regular walks amongst the redwoods give us a deep sense of serenity and peace. We're glad we can do our part in helping future generations to have access to these wondrous trees and the forests they live in. The legacy match gave us good incentive to get our plans in place this year! We trust the Save the Redwoods League to be an effective steward of our gift."

Caresse Fernandez

"The redwoods brought me the comfort I needed during some of the most difficult times in my life and have held a special place in my heart ever since. Though I don't have the capacity to give as much as I'd like to right now, I found that leaving a legacy gift to Save the Redwoods League through my 401(k) and life insurance policy was a perfect alternative for a future gift. I'm delighted that I could contribute to the League at such a significant time for the organization."

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