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Greg Huber: My Vision for the Redwoods

Greg Huber

By Save the Redwoods Legacy supporter Greg Huber

I came out to the redwoods in 2008. I wondered how my actual experience would compare to looking at redwoods on the internet, in magazines, and books (a National Geographic article in 1964 first caught my attention). It was mind blowing. It was like I was truly in another place.

There are still so many spots, thanks to the League, where you can sit and know what it was like thousands of years ago. That is the greatest thing. What I was not able to get from reading about the redwoods and looking at pictures: When the sun is out, and it hits the upper canopy, you are taken into another world. The union of the trees that are over 300 feet high and the sun coming in through the canopy is beyond words.

It’s a wonderland and I want to know that when I leave this earth that I promoted beauty and didn’t hinder it. Have we really preserved enough of the forest to be strong, healthy, and significant in the next 100 or 500 years, or did mankind just ruin it? I think about that a lot and am thankful for groups like Save the Redwoods League. The work they’re doing is so important.

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