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Longtime Donor Pledges Match for 100 New Legacy Gifts

Peggy Light

Peggy with League President and CEO Sam Hodder

As Save the Redwoods League celebrates its Centennial this year, Peggy Light and her family commemorate 100 years of League involvement and support.

Light's grandfather, A.E. Connick, was one of the League's early founders, and generations of the family have followed in his footsteps.

Light has supported the League since the 1980s. She has been a member of the League Council for almost 20 years and a Board member since 2005. Recently, in her role as Director, she led the charge to create the League's Centennial Vision with fellow Board and Council members.

"The League is an incredibly well-run organization," said Light, an accountant. "We marshal our resources and work with partners to get done what needs to be done. It's an honor to be a part of the League and serve with people who you would want to hang out with even if you weren't on a board together."

Inspired by the League's Centennial, Light pledged a $500,000 legacy gift through her estate and recently came up with a bold idea: She will pay forward $100,000 of her planned gift if 100 people join the Redwood Legacy Circle with their own legacy commitments. Each new legacy donor generates a $1,000 gift today from Light.

Light said, "I want to give others a reason to join the Legacy Circle in this milestone year and share the same joy I have experienced in making my own legacy gift."

Honoring History

Light's generosity creates her own legacy and continues her family's. "I'm happiest when I'm outdoors and in a redwood forest," she said. "There are a million good causes out there, but it makes me feel good to give and work with one that fits my family legacy."

Preserve redwoods for future generations and help us reach our goal of 100 new legacy donors to meet Peggy Light's generous match. Contact Deborah White at 415-820-5828 or to plan your legacy gift.

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