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We are thankful for those who have made an estate gift to Save the Redwoods League. Here are their stories.

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Kathy St. Johns: At Home in the Redwoods

A sense of home inspired Kathy St. Johns to create a legacy with Save the Redwoods League that will protect these important trees and preserve her love for generations to come.

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Stephanie and Doug Butler: Protecting and Restoring the Redwoods

The Butlers know that the beauty of the redwoods is unsurpassed. Their lifelong love of the Pacific Coast has inspired them to create a legacy that protects and restores the forests for future generations.

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Matt Berler: A Legacy for a Better Future

A strong connection to the redwoods—and a vision for a better future—inspired Matt Berler and his wife, Amy, to make an irrevocable legacy gift to Save the Redwoods League.

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Dan Flickinger: Preserving the Trees, Preserving the Family Name

Dan Flickinger grew up appreciating the contemplative space that nature provided for him. He was eager to honor this space through a planned gift.

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Sandy Hagood: The Redwoods Have Always Grounded Me

Since childhood, Sandy Hagood has sought refuge among the redwoods. Now, she's committed to protecting them—and our planet—for future generations through her legacy gift.

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Paul Werner: My Redwoods Legacy

Longtime Save the Redwoods League supporter and New York native Paul Werner shares his redwoods story. Starting from the first time he saw the giant sequoia trees to today, he shares what motivated him to join the League and how he’s ensuring future generations can be inspired by the redwood’s beauty, just as he has been.

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Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin: Providing Support Where It's Needed

Julia Sherwin and Michael Haddad are making a legacy gift to the League to protect the redwoods for the next generation. They know there’s still work to be done to make a lasting impact on the environment.

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John Scharffenberger: Passion For Restoration Inspires Campaign Gift

The League director and chair of the Forever Forest Campaign, John Scharffenberger, is also the founder and former owner of the first artisanal chocolate company in the United States, Scharffen Berger Chocolate, and the wine company Scharffenberger Cellars.

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Ralph Eschenbach: Ensuring a Future for the Redwoods

Ralph Eschenbach and his wife, Carol Joy Provan, want to ensure a future for the redwood forests. They're doing so with a legacy gift to Save the Redwoods League.

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Growing Up: A Young Donor's Story of Legacy Giving

John Young didn't appreciate the true beauty of the redwoods as a child, but as an adult, he's ensuring they're around so future generations can.

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Mary Topliff: A Legacy to Protect the Redwoods

The first time Mary Topliff saw the redwoods her family had just driven through one of the iconic trees. The first time Mary Topliff saw the redwoods her family had just driven through one of the iconic trees.

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Don Leonard: Recognizing a Favorite Destination

Don Leonard has always loved the redwoods. Discovering that his gift to the League could be recognized through his favorite grove, made him love them even more.

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