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Matt Berler: A Legacy for a Better Future

Matt and Amy Berler with their dog

A strong connection to the redwoods—and a vision for a better future—inspired Matt Berler and his wife, Amy, to make an irrevocable legacy gift to Save the Redwoods League. More

Dan Flickinger: Preserving the Trees, Preserving the Family Name

Dan Flickinger

Dan Flickinger grew up appreciating the contemplative space that nature provided for him. He was eager to honor this space through a planned gift. More

Sandy Hagood: The Redwoods Have Always Grounded Me

Sandy Hagood

Since childhood, Sandy Hagood has sought refuge among the redwoods. Now, she's committed to protecting them—and our planet—for future generations through her legacy gift. More

Paul Werner: My Redwoods Legacy

Paul Werner

Longtime Save the Redwoods League supporter and New York native Paul Werner shares his redwoods story. Starting from the first time he saw the giant sequoia trees to today, he shares what motivated him to join the League and how he’s ensuring future generations can be inspired by the redwood’s beauty, just as he has been. More

Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin: Providing Support Where It's Needed

Michael Haddad and Julia Sherwin

Julia Sherwin and Michael Haddad are making a legacy gift to the League to protect the redwoods for the next generation. They know there’s still work to be done to make a lasting impact on the environment. More

John Scharffenberger: Passion For Restoration Inspires Campaign Gift

John Scharffenberger

The League director and chair of the Forever Forest Campaign, John Scharffenberger, is also the founder and former owner of the first artisanal chocolate company in the United States, Scharffen Berger Chocolate, and the wine company Scharffenberger Cellars. More

Ralph Eschenbach: Ensuring a Future for the Redwoods

Ralph Eschenbach

Ralph Eschenbach and his wife, Carol Joy Provan, want to ensure a future for the redwood forests. They're doing so with a legacy gift to Save the Redwoods League.   More

Growing Up: A Young Donor's Story of Legacy Giving

John Young

John Young didn't appreciate the true beauty of the redwoods as a child, but as an adult, he's ensuring they're around so future generations can.   More

Mary Topliff: A Legacy to Protect the Redwoods

Mary and Betty amongst the redwood trees

The first time Mary Topliff saw the redwoods her family had just driven through one of the iconic trees. The first time Mary Topliff saw the redwoods her family had just driven through one of the iconic trees.  More

Don Leonard: Recognizing a Favorite Destination

Marvin Edwards and Don Leonard

Don Leonard has always loved the redwoods. Discovering that his gift to the League could be recognized through his favorite grove, made him love them even more.  More

Greg Huber: My Vision for the Redwoods

Greg Huber

What I was not able to get from reading about the redwoods and looking at pictures: When the sun is out, and it hits the upper canopy, you are taken into another world.  More

John Houghton, Jr.: The Trees Need a Spokesperson

John Houghton, Jr.

Hear from John about his redwoods experience: “As I’ve had time to travel and wander off into these amazing forests all of my worries seem to disappear.”  More

Henry Timnick: Protecting the Experience for the Next Generation

Henry Timnick

Hear from Henry about his redwoods experience: "I've seen pictures of this in movies and documentaries, but to see it here in front of me...It brought tears to my eyes."  More

Centennial Celebration: The Impact of 100

Peggy Light

It is with the power of many in mind that Save the Redwoods League set a bold goal in our Centennial year of 2018. We asked 100 supporters to raise their hand and designate a legacy gift to the League.  More

Candace Walker: My Vision For the Redwoods

Candace Walker

I believe that all of us need places like the redwood forest. We need a place to go that's quiet and where we can be at peace. The redwood forest is the perfect spot. More

Peggy Light: Longtime Donor Pledges Match for 100 New Legacy Gifts

Peggy Light

Inspired by the League's Centennial, Light is pledging support for the long term as well as encouraging legacy gifts from other donors with a gift match. More

Susan Vreeland: Author Ensures Enduring Support for Redwoods

Susan Vreeland believes everyone needs some engagement with Earth’s astonishing natural places. That’s why she has named Save the Redwoods League in her will. More

Rozelle Family: Santa Cruz Mountain Redwoods Inspire Annuity Gift

Less than an hour from the hustle of California's Silicon Valley is a huge, thick redwood forest rolling over the rugged Santa Cruz Mountains, a perch for viewing the sweeping Pacific Ocean nearby. Redwoods' tops reach out of sight. The ground is spongy with its carpet of rusty leaves. Sweet earth and bay laurel scent the cool air. More

Meet John Staley: Honoring the Value of Nature

John Staley, League member since 1969 has named the League in his estate plan. Protecting the magnificent redwood forest is a top priority of his, so he included the League in his will to dedicate a grove in memory of his father who taught him the value of nature and the redwood forest. More

Allegretti Family: The League ‘Gets Results’

Longtime League members Jim and Marcia Allegretti want to protect redwoods after they pass on, so they named Save the Redwoods League in a bequest through their living trust. It's a step Marcia couldn’t have foreseen when she met Jim in college at San Francisco State University more than 40 years ago. More

Kathy Bouchard: Redwood Leadership Society Member’s Gift Will Keep Giving

When Kathy Bouchard, a member of the Save the Redwoods League Redwood Leadership Society, touches the trunk of an ancient redwood, she said she thinks about what the tree has seen in the hundreds of years it's been here. More

Joyce Harris: Doing Her Part for More Than 45 Years

Joyce Harris met her first giant sequoia when she was 5 years old. Her family was camping in Sequoia National Park. She can still remember the magic of looking up at that huge, tall tree. More

Shirley and Ferrel Schell: Lifetime of Dedication to Forest Motivates Bequest

Shirley and Ferrel Schell’s lifelong love affair with redwoods has had many memorable moments. One of those moments was celebrating a grove dedication at Navarro River Redwoods State Park in 2007. More recently, they added Save the Redwoods League to their wills. More

Nadine Weil: Heart of Green Inspires Gift for Redwood Forest

Thinking about the future is a full-time job for Nadine Weil. In 2004, it led her to found Heart of Green, an organization that supports sustainability projects. That focus also motivated her to include a bequest in her will for Save the Redwoods League. More

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